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Our Company Policies

RR Packers And Movers is an association with an appropriate personal privacy plan. For the last many years, our experts have been coping with our openness and are profoundly embeded in the minds of our clients. So our company are completely applying a solid personal privacy plan.

Types of information:

We gather some information coming from our customers often times. Like labels, email deals with, phone varieties. They come by means of our internet site's inquiries, phone calls, purchases and lots of other forms. Otherwise, when you access our internet site, internet protocol handle, biscuits are universal. These items of details assist us to develop an individual's data source that seeks our help.

Methods of collection:

In several techniques our team acquire these necessary info. When somebody goes as well as opens up via our website or even makes a telephone call on our 24 X 7 helpline. Our company also have the advantage of live conversation on our web site. RR Packers And Movers signs agreements along with multinationals during the move of workplaces. From there our team receive the company's relevant information.

Use of Information:

Our company use the relevant information our experts accumulate with appropriate permission of the clients. It relies on the clients which info they are going to share and also which not. We never ever discuss the details along with anybody else other than the authorization of the individuals. Our company keep them for the better customer monitoring.

Change of Policy:

The experts of RR Packers And Movers Company have formulated some policies after long deliberation. Those are carefully planned but it is our responsibility to inform customers if there is a change in policy, customers can contact us at their convenience. Our policies are subject to change, please visit our website to learn more about our policies.

Terms and Conditions:

We move medium size goods and move heavy furniture, cars etc. from one place to another. So we initially pack the goods carefully and make adequate provision for small items. So that those things are in a safe place. Although we operate under legal regulations, our terms and conditions are made by us. However, our terms are not illegal. We keep away from flammable materials, so we do not transfer any flammable materials. Also, there is no provision for moving batteries, weapons, jewellery, large sums of cash etc.